The Cookie Diet

This blog started out being a ‘which diet works best.’ Then some poor misplaced google ad caught my eye. Gosh–who wouldn’t want to eat cookies and diet at the same time? I’m such a dessert person, I should seriously consider doing this one.

The original and official cookie diet has its origins in Miami inside the bakeries of Dr. Sanford Siegal. (Which by the way are next to the patient’s center of Dr. Sanford Siegal.) In fact, Smart for Life Weight Management Centers were sued for continuing to claim the original cookie diet even after their relationship with the weight loss guru ended. The diet has been around since 1975 and many things I read said you could only get the cookies if you were a patient of his, however, I imagine with the advent of the internet that has changed because you can now order them here.

Like many weight loss plans, there is food to buy: cookies to be exact. These special cookies are filled with amino acids to suppress hunger in the form of oats, rice, whole wheat flour, and bran. The good doctor as well as many patients can attest to the fact that they’re not that tasty. . .but they weren’t designed to be. However, they do suppress hunger, which is what they were designed to do. They come in Banana, Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, Coconut and Blueberry and for a week‘s supply (which is 42 cookies) you pay $56.

How It Works

On the diet, you eat 6 cookies per day plus one dinner. The dinner consists of exactly 6 ounces of fish, chicken or other lean protein meat and one cup of vegetables. The average patient loses approximately 15 pounds per week on the diet. You are also supposed to drink 8 ounces of liquids a day which can include coffee and tea. This brings your caloric intake per day up to 800 calories.

Critics say that 800 calories is well below the recommended 1200 calories for safe weight loss. They also point out that the diet is seriously lacking in fruits and vegetables (remember that 5 a day rule?) and other vital nutrients and minerals.

Dr. Seigal says that it’s important for people to feel success in order to sustain healthier lifestyles. He says immediate wieght loss helps those who are overweight see immediate results. Furthermore, he points out that his products do not use weight loss drugs that can further damage the body. Patients also supplement their eating with vitamins and minerals.