The Coordinated Scrapbook Page

As a die-hard scrapbook supply addict, the kind that must own everything because well, you know you will use it someday, I love a good scrapbook store; the bigger the better. When I enter any scrapbook store, I tend to be drawn directly to the sections with coordinated products.

Coordinated scrapbook supplies are in huge demand right now and have opened up the doors for hundreds and thousands of scrapbookers who might not otherwise have attempted scrapbooking. Why? Because when your products are coordinated, you tend to find it easier to scrapbook.

This is the reason that page kits are so popular. Many would-be scrapbookers are afraid to try their hand at designing their own page, so they rely on page kits put together by more seasoned scrapbookers to make their job easier. This allows them to accomplish more, in a shorter period of time. It is also a huge self-esteem booster, because the more pages you get done, the more creative you begin to feel. This can lead to a new scrapbooker deciding to try their hand at designing their own page, perhaps with those coveted coordinated products I was referring to.

There are dozens of companies who have jumped on the bandwagon and are now designing complete lines of coordinated products; papers, stickers, die cuts, embellishments, ribbons and more. Two of my very favorites are Doodlebug Designs and Daisy D’s. Autumn Leaves and Basic Grey are also into the whole coordinated kit demand.

Having supplies that go together is just an easier way to scrapbook and feel more accomplished when those pages keep churning out. Another fabulous way is to use sketches to help you figure out placement for both photographs and embellishments. There is nothing more satisfying that having your whole scrapbook page come together and be completed in as short of a time frame as possible.

Who are your favorite companies that have a whole coordinated product line?

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