The Corner Rounder

Several years ago, an innovative punch was introduced to the scrapbooking world. Among shapes of frogs and bears, there was this great punch that could be used for so much more.

The Corner Rounder.

The corner rounder was so popular, that it was rare to find a scrapbook page layout during this time frame that did not have photographs with rounded corners. But as with any trend, it did eventually die out and the corner rounder became obsolete. In fact, for a long time, you rarely saw it. I know mine collected dust.

But in the more recent times, I’ve noticed that like any trend, it has eventually made a comeback. It was once one of my favorite tools once upon a time, but I had to dust mine off to use it again. I’m so thankful that I did.

If you have a corner rounder, go get it and try some of these great ideas today on your layouts. You’ll be so glad you did.

Round the edges of paper squares and rectangles, either patterned paper or cardstock. Then stamp your title onto the squares for a fun, artsy title. You can even outline your squares with ink.

Use it to round the corners of different paper embellishments on your scrapbook page. Or use it to only round the focal point picture on the page.

Use it to create a folder for journaling or to hide a photo. Just round the edges of two corners of a cardstock rectangle. Then place it behind a photo or piece of cardstock to create a tab look.

Try different places on a photo to round. Perhaps opposite corners, or just one corner. Do all photos on a layout the same way, and it can give you a fun almost eclectic look.

If you like color blocking, try rounding the corners of the color block and allow a bit of your bottom piece to show through. It really looks pretty cool.

Whatever you do with your corner rounder, just have fun and make sure it comes out of hiding a little more often. I know mine has been lately, and it gets me creating when I might otherwise not have been!