The Culture of Judaism

Judaism is full of many things. For example, spirit, foods, humor; but all of these things together represent an overwhelming amount of culture. Judaism can be represented by the word culture in so many ways from the foods we eat to the family values to our pride in being a Jew. People find our opinions, accents, outlooks to be wide and various, but especially humorous. The culture of Judaism is very loving and accepting. We love to help people, to share stories with friends, strangers, anyone who will listen half the time.

What can we say, “We’re Yentas!!!”

As being a young Jewish woman I have always identified with the culture of Judaism more than anything. Many people who come across my path have always identified me as religious, but I have always corrected them by saying I’m cultural.

It is very easy to confuse the two. Observing the culture is about loving people and life, about celebrating the Jewish holidays with friends and family, and the traditions (besides eating Bagels and Lox every Sunday morning) our religion brings. Being religious is the practice of prayer, and attending services, and following the torah’s laws.

To attend a function where our culture is exposed you can clearly see we celebrate life. We celebrate each other. We celebrate all people and invite other cultures to partake in ours. To join cultures together, to learn and respect from one another. The Jewish culture is very accepting of all, and at the end, just wants to be fruitful and plentiful with love and joy.