The Day the United States once again became United

I wrote my feelings down on the anniversary of September 11, 2001 and later posted it here in, “September 11: In Honor of the Fallen and Those Who Defend Us.” In it, I talked about how the United States once again became united, on that fateful Tuesday six years ago.

Sadly, we do not feel very united these days. There seems to be a great divide, often partisan in nature. The left-right paradigm seems to ensure it and our leaders seem to promote it. They have never found a wedge issue or a scandal they didn’t like. They toss these things out like raw meat to a pack of wolves and we tear in, almost as if on cue.

But, I figured something out. If they can keep “we the people” fighting amongst ourselves, we don’t focus so much on them. If there is an “us v. them” mentality, it should be the people v. the government, not we the people against each other.

It’s time we take back our country and stop voting for politicians. We need to elect real statesmen (and women) who truly want what is in America’s -and every American’s- best interests instead of their own interests.

Heather Long wrote about “Taking Back 911.” She shared how it is good to remember but also, to refuse to allow that terrible day to keep us from living our lives. I agree with Heather, and I also believe it’s time we take back September 11, not only in our personal lives but also as a country.

Let’s put aside the rhetoric, the scandals, the personal attacks and remember what we’ve been through as Americans. We can get through anything if we stand together. American Flag September 11 Remember how horror, grief, and anger were turned into bravery and brotherly love, six years ago today. Remember those who sacrificed, those who continue to do so, and their families.

Let’s once again make it the day the United States became united and use that inspiration to help us move forward as a nation.