The details of starting your own Candy Wrapper business

So how do you start your own business selling candy bar wrappers? First, you need a computer and printer. It’s not necessary to have colored ink. You can start by using colored paper and black ink. Since most printers do have colored ink though, you can most likely use the white paper you’re printing on now. Paper that is too thin or thick is not the best choice. Though I’ve heard of some using colored vellum over the silver liner, but I’ve never seen these bars or tried to make them myself so can’t say how well that works.

Start by purchasing a few Hershey Candy Bars, unwrap them and take measurements of the wrappers. You will be able to get only one candy bar wrapper out of one sheet of paper. Design your candy bar wrapper in a drawing software program. Most computers come with simple drawing programs and this will be good enough. There are several software programs now available for purchase that offer candy bar designs ready-made and you might want to purchase one of these later on. This special software will undoubtedly save you time and effort. If you don’t want to spend much money, then start out by designing your own wrappers. Yes, it will take time, but once it’s complete, you can save it as a template then change the names and other important information each time you get an order.

Once you are all set up and have filled in the information you want to print, do a test print. Don’t print all 36 or 48 or even a dozen, just print one. If something is off just a little, or there’s a typo, you’ll have wasted a lot of paper. You can use scissors to cut it to size or for a nice straight cut use a paper cutter. After removing the original candy bars’ wrapper, try wrapping the newly printed wrapper around the bar. Does everything fit in place? Is there space to overlap and glue the wrapper? If anything is out of place, this is the time to move things in your software layout.

Once you have everything looking just right, save it as a template to be used over and over again. I suggest printing out only a few to show the customer and make sure all names, weight and other details are correct. Once they give you their approval; then print out the whole batch. Wrap the candy bars and use a glue stick to hold the paper in place. Put the bars back inside the box that the original bars came in, along with the original wrappers (which can be folded and held together with a rubberband). These original wrappers should go to the customers along with the newly wrapped bars to ensure any copyrights are not infringed.

Have fun trying new graphics, adding photos and making up new poems. These candy bars also make great gifts and appreciation bars. I’ve handed them out to Teachers, co-workers and even Boy Scout troops. Giving away bars is the only form of advertising I’ve needed to do to become successful.