The Don’ts of Swap Participation

We have been talking about swap participation and the rules, guidelines and etiquette that goes with it. Specifically I am speaking about scrapbooking swaps, but these guidelines could be used with most any type of swap. Here are some don’ts of swap participation.


DON’T: Lose the guidelines or do your own thing unless that is part of the swap. Be sure and follow the instructions closely so that everyone is happy with the outcome of the swap.

DON’T: Forget the due date. You don’t want to be the one holding up the swap, or feel like you’re going to have a nervous breakdown because you waited until the very last minute. Start early and you won’t have any problem.

DON’T: Participate in more than about 3 or 4 large swaps a month. First of all, this can get overwhelming, second of all, you will have no time to do anything else.

DON’T: Send in junk or items that are covered with ink spots, fingerprints or glue residue. You wouldn’t use those things in your own albums, so why should anyone else? Do the best work you can.

DON’T: Put everything away where it goes when you are only halfway through your creations. It will take too much time to dig it all out each time you find some spare moments to work on it. Follow the Do’s (link at the bottom of article) for a great suggestion.

DON’T: Disappear. Don’t lose contact with the hostess of that swap, and don’t drop out unless you absolutely need to. Be sure to let the swap hostess know well enough in advance.

DON’T: Send in cash or a check for postage. Swap hostesses cannot always get to the post office to purchase stamps or postage, and it can be a real pain when you have a huge swap that you have to get together and mail out and several people send in cash or stamps. Follow the directions the hostess gives always.

DON’T: Don’t forget to have fun. This is supposed to be fun, you just need to follow a few guidelines to make it work well for everyone.

See The Do’s of Swap Participation for some more information.

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