The Do’s of Swap Participation

Swaps are so much fun to be a part of. They let you be creative, have fun, make new friends and get really neat things back. However, there are definitely some rules when participating in swaps. It is simply called Swap Etiquette and almost any swap you participate in, is going to be the same as far as etiquette goes. Here are some do’s of participating in swaps.


  • Read all of the rules or guidelines for that swap. Pay attention to all details and be sure and follow what the swap hostess has asked.
  • Save the original swap guidelines and either print one out or write down all the rules, the address and any other pertinent information so that no matter what computer problems you have, it is all there.
  • Honor the date the swap is due. Put it on a calendar or check each day to see if anything is due within the next week and a half. Get it together and mail it out so that it has plenty of time to get there.
  • Get started as quickly as you can. Sometimes we join swaps where we are making a lot of projects or pieces, and no matter how much time you think you have, the due date creeps up quickly.
  • Be sure you can participate before you join. Only join in swaps you already have supplies for, or that you will be getting right away.
  • Create your best work. Don’t send in junk if it is a supplies swap, be sure it is something you would wish to get back. If it is a layout swap or a swap for cards or page pieces, do your very best work. Don’t just try to get it done as quickly as possible. Others are taking their time and getting it done right, please respect the others in the swap by doing quality work.
  • Stay organized. Keep a drawer or a basket just for that swap with all of the stuff you need right there inside. This makes it easy when you only have a few minutes to get it done. Plus, you won’t be looking for anything that you thought you had, but cannot find.
  • Let the hostess know in advance if you cannot complete the swap. We all have things come up and letting her know in advance allows her to find an angel (someone to fill your spot) so the swap is complete and everyone gets new things back.
  • Be sure to send postage for the package to be returned to you. Follow the hostesses guidelines for what type of postage to send. Also, include a mailing label if she has requested one.
  • Be patient. Sometimes a swap hostess will hold a swap for a day or so for the last straggling package. Don’t expect it to be back to you for about two weeks past the deadline.

Later today I will post The Don’ts of Swap Participation.

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