The Dos of Working with Trade Contractors

Anytime you build a home, various trade contractors need to be hired. These would include plumbers, electricians, sheetrockers, landscapers, and so on. Obviously, you want the best possible contractor possible for the money being spent. While most contractors are honest, hard-working individuals trying to make a decent living, some are unfortunately out to make a buck, even if it means being dishonest. In addition to the visual aspect of your home, you want contractors that will build a safe home, one that you could sell one-day for a profit if you wanted.

Remember, the quality of your new home will be based on the quality of workmanship put in to it. Since a new home is a major investment, you want quality. Even if you are on a tight budget or building a low cost home, the quality should still be excellent. A group of good contractors will put their expertise into every home, regardless. Because of the importance of quality, there are specific things you should do.

For starters, only work with a certified trade contractor. For this, look for someone who is certified through the National Housing Quality Program or NHQ. This means this individual has been properly trained and has to follow very strict guidelines. Then, you should always ask for references. A good contractor would gladly provide as many references as what makes you comfortable. However, if the contractor tries to snub off the request, you should be wary and move on.

It would also be wise to determine if the contractor is a member of your local industry association. For instance, each city has a homebuilder’s association. Again, these individuals are carefully trained and required to follow specific guidelines. Another important step is to verify documented inspections. For instance, trade contractors commonly follow quality assurance methods for the work they do. You should be able to see these procedures, again letting you know good practices are in place.

Although you might feel funny about asking, you should know the method in which the contractors keeps records. After all, you will be handing over money, needing permits, having inspections, and so on. All of this needs to be carefully maintained. Finally, while there are some talented and good-intended people out there, that does not mean they are all qualified for the job. Talk to the contractor to learn about the number of jobs he/she has done, where they worked, and specifically what they did.

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