The Dreaded Bathroom Clean-Up

What’s your least favorite room in the house to clean? For me it’s the bathroom. Whereas I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning any part of the house, I really dread disinfecting the bathroom, especially if I miss a few days and the dirt and soap scum have had a chance to mutate.

Taking a quick glance at my cleaning supplies, I would estimate that at least half of my stock is dedicated to bathroom cleaning. I have on hand: Clorox, Lysol, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Comet, and Soft Scrub and Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner. As you can see I am an equal opportunity buyer. All of the aforementioned products do a decent job of cleaning and disinfecting. However, if you have a flock of family members using the sinks, toilets and tubs on a regular basis, you will not be able to avoid employing some elbow grease when scrubbing bathroom surfaces, at least not in my house.

What’s more, my collection of bathroom cleaners doesn’t come cheap. I typically try to hold off on stocking up on them until they go on sale or I have a bunch of coupons I can use to defray the cost. A great way to save money on bathroom cleaners is to make them yourself, but I haven’t had the courage to do so. Yes, courage. For some reason I simply can’t accept that baking soda and a few squirts of lemon juice can kill bacteria in the toilet bowl. Yet, there are thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of homeowners out there who swear by their homemade toilet bowl cleaners.

One recipe I did try a few years back called for mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with one tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. You simply combine the ingredients and pour the mixture into the toilet bowl and scrub away dirt and grime. It got rid of the ring, but I think it was because I vigorously scrubbed the toilet with a large brush. I’m not sure if it disinfected the bowl.

Do you use commercial cleaners or homemade versions to clean your toilet?

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