The Drum Plate

Eating is sort of a tradition in our family. I suspect it is everywhere, but somehow it feels like it’s special to us. From my earliest days on this earth I liked eating. My whole family likes eating. If we were to really think about it (which we tend not to) we probably eat to a fault. At any rate, eating is an activity that brings us together. We share food as well as stories. We laugh, we smile and we pass along a sense of family to the next generation. The dinner table is about much more than food, and that too has been passed on.

Call me lucky (you should) because my wife is an excellent cook. What’s more, she’s an even better baker (if that’s even possible — which I can tell you — it is). It’s fortunate that this tradition of good eating will continue. Good food gathers people around tables. What’s even better is that my wife is (despite being a great baker) is interested in providing the healthiest foods she can for her family. We eat well and we eat healthy. With any luck we’ll continue to do both for a very long time.

Recently the dinner table merged into a musical scene. We were having dinner with grandparents and a cousin. Our son, after finishing his food, decided that with so many utensils in reach he just had to put one in each hand. This led, inevitably, to an impromptu drumming session on a plate. The unfortunate part was that the plate was not paper or plastic, and neither were the knives. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending: Laughs shared by all, the happy drummer pleasing his adoring fans, and not a broken plate or utensil to be found. Just family at the table, sharing laughs and stories and memories.