The Education Blog in Review Nov. 20-Dec. 5th

We start off with an update from Myra Turner regarding kindergartners receiving letter grades. It seems that research confirms what many parents commented on her original blog–letter grades for five year olds is simply unnecessary. Check here to read the first blog in this set.

Next, we tackled a hot button issue in ethnically diverse schools, in Are English Language Only Laws Really Helpful? There are laws in various parts of the country that actually dictate that students are not allowed to speak their native tongue anywhere on school property. One student was even suspended for saying, “No hay problema!” To catch up on the issue check out this blog.

I was recently asked what I would look for if I had to go “school shopping.” Thus was born 11 Tell Tale Signs of a Great School. If you are looking for a school for your children this is a must read blog.

Tackling another hot button issue in education this week was the Supreme Court who heard a case regarding school desegregation. Desegregation has traditionally been supported by the school system as well as the courts, however, the Bush administration generally has taken the side of the parents. It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court decides this desegregation case.

We went on to talk about Why It’s Not Bad to Fail First Grade. This is a sticky issue for many parents and teachers. However, reading, writing and social skills are often as much a result of developmental maturity than they are good teaching. As one commenter pointed out–the issue is with the word “fail” that carries a certain stigma to it. If the system were designed to pass kids on when they were ready, doing first grade work for one or more years wouldn’t seem like such a bad thing!

Hopefully, this helps some of you catch up to the latest in education. Keep looking for Week In Review blogs at the end of each week!

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