The Education Blog in Review: Nov. 6 through Nov. 19

Since our great education blogger, Kaye Siders, left us at the end of October, the Education blog has been missing some reviews. The day before yesterday, I had written the first Education in review since the end of October. Make sure you check those out if you need to catch up!

Thanks to Sherry Holetsky who told us about Edline in Does Your Child’s School Offer Edline? I didn’t know about it, and like she points out, it sounds like a great way to keep on top of your child’s progress.

Myra Turner talked to us a little about Kindergartners receiving traditional letter grades. She actually wrote two blogs on this topic as it related to her son, and the other one can be found here.

Some people may find it odd that a homeschooling mom is so invested in the issues of public and private education! Since I have been regularly guest blogging in education, I introduced myself in The Homeschooling Education Blogger. If you’re curious to see just what exactly this home schooling mom is doing here, go check it out!

Did you know that buying your child a watch with hands on it instead of a digital watch is one way to support your child’s teacher? In 10 Ways to Support Your Child’s Teacher, I give parents 10 ideas that you may not have thought of when it comes to sharing the responsibility of educating your child.

Is your child gifted or talented? Then you definitely want to check out Sherry’s blog on Gifted and Honors programs. Sherry talks about how her own daughter struggled with “feeling” weird at being labeled “gifted”. I know that this is a very common struggle for kids who fit into this category and they frequently “dummy down” to fit in.

In To Separate or Not to Separate, I talked about the various policies that schools often have in place regarding twins. While some schools feel very strongly that twins should be separated “to form their individual identities”, other schools take a more balanced approach involving parents in the decision to help decide what would be best for each individual twin set.

Now we’re caught up to mid-November! Keep reading, we have a few more review blogs to go!

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