The Effects of Alcohol on Marriage

Excess alcohol can cause severe problems in a marriage.

Like many people Mick and I enjoy the occasional glass of wine with a meal. Or he might enjoy a beer with his pizza, which is the occasional weekend meal. But that’s where it stops.

Even Aussie actress Nicole Kidman was not immune. She recently admitted that her husband’s problems with alcohol had severe consequences for their marriage. It appears they took the step of admitting the problem and getting him into rehab. During that time she claims that they ended up working on the problem and making the relationship stronger. But not everyone is so fortunate.

The big problem is often that the person doesn’t recognize they have a problem. They see it as quite the norm to get ‘trashed’ because that’s what their father did.

Excess of alcohol has also been linked to domestic violence. Sadly, many women accept the situation and make excuses. Getting drunk is not an excuse. It is a cause of a more underlying problem.

Statistics by the World Health Organization show that 1 in every 6 women is a victim of domestic violence and that many of them suffer in silence. Not all of these occur at the hands of their spouse, but far too many do. Many women reported being a victim of domestic violence while pregnant.

Now obviously not every spouse who drinks alcohol is going to become violent, any more than believing it is only in third world countries where evidence of violence exists. The problem is worldwide. What can we do about it?

We need to make sure our children see a marriage where each partner has love and respect for the other. We need them to see parents whose marriage is strong enough to cope with stress without resorting to alcohol or to violence. Whether you like it or not, your marriage will present an example to your children and affect them and influence the way they look at marriage. Let’s make sure they get a loving and supportive marriage example to follow and responsible use of alcohol.

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