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eggs What are you paying for eggs this week? In an earlier blog, Frugal Sandwiches, I mentioned how I often make egg salad sandwiches because eggs are a very frugal food. Eggs are a very perishable food, so they often go on sale when there more supply than demand. They can’t just sit on the shelf waiting for demand to increase.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) releases a report twice a week that details what is going on in the egg market. From detailing prices of fresh eggs and frozen eggs to the amount of eggs produced and broken along the way, the egg report is very comprehensive.

Being frugal, I’ll just report on pricing trends for regular USDA Grade A white eggs that are sold in cartons to regular retail grocery stores. The changes reflect the price on a dozen eggs.

The following report was released last Thursday.

New York Eggs Rise: Prices for large and extra large eggs in New York State rose by two cents. The price on medium eggs was unchanged. From the report, it looks like most people in New York buy extra large eggs. What size eggs do you buy? I generally get large, because that is what most recipes call for, and I can often find large eggs on sale at my local grocery store.

Western Regional: Although prices held firm, the USDA is reporting that egg prices will increase next week: five to six cents higher on jumbo, extra large and large eggs, and four cents higher on medium and small. Remember that doesn’t mean your grocery store will immediately change prices, but it is likely they will.

Prices Trending Upward in The Northeast Region: Although egg prices for the rest of the county held steady, it looks like they may be trending upward for the northeast. Eggs prices for eggs delivered in bulk to warehouses are predicted to rise sharply next week. This may mean that eggs at the grocery store will rise accordingly in the near future.

What do you think? Was this report helpful? Would you like to see more information on egg prices?

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