The Final Days of School

We are in the midst of finals at the school where I teach. These last few weeks have been particularly difficult with this stubborn morning sickness that lasts nearly all day. My students have been really supportive and sympathetic which has been such a big help. Initially I wasn’t going to tell them that I was pregnant because my family and I are moving out of state. But I feel that open communication with my students is important and since it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t feeling well for awhile, I felt that I should tell them. I have a group of really great high school students and they were all quite excited. Thanks to my wonderful students, I have had the motivation to come to school every day for the past four weeks even though I have ten sick days at my disposal. My students and their education are just too important to me for me to inflict a substitute teacher on them.

As the school year winds down, we are all anticipating the joys and freedoms of summer (In particular I am looking forward to the freedom from nausea that will hopefully occur mid July). But for now I am going to enjoy these last few days with my students as I grade their final exams and chat about their summer plans. My main motivation for going into teaching was for the students and I only continued teaching for the students. I think it is fitting these last few days of school to remember that it’s all for the students. Regardless, of how nauseated or tired I am, I have been a role model and teacher to these students for the last four years. Most of my students have earned my respect just as I have earned theirs.

As these relationships come to an end, I am satisfied knowing that my students have learned a lot about their faith, themselves, and their relationships with others. I have watched my students grow and mature into responsible adults (the seniors). All in all this has been a fulfilling journey. While I am sad to say goodbye to my students, I am happy knowing that God has even greater things in store for me as my family and I start the next chapter of our lives.