The First Day – Assigned Seating

The first day approaches with anticipation not just for the students, but for the teachers as well. Especially new teachers know the feeling of anxiety, waiting to meet the new students and just trying to get through the first day without any problems.

Besides having to impress the principal and their new co-workers, they must impress the hardest critics of them all, the students!

Over the summer, students are mailed their classroom assignments and depending on the school district, it either says the name of the teacher or just the classroom number. Then when the student thinks they have finally figured out the teacher, they are not aware that the teachers were changing rooms! All this confusion the first day of school can affect a child’s day, as well as a new teacher’s day.

Teaching is not just a job but a deep desire to help children learn to the best of their ability. Teachers try to do their best while getting pressured from the school board, state, and federal governments to get the test scores up. As a new teacher, all this pressure can be overwhelming but many do not let it show.

The first bell rings for the first day of school, and here walks in the new class you will be spending many hours with for the entire year. A first day procedure, which is very common, is to have all the students when they first walk in to stand in a line in the back of the room.

A seating chart is made prior to their arrival and the teacher begins to place each student in a desk. Once all the students are assigned a desk, then they will be allowed to put their belongings away and the introductions will begin. By placing the students in their assigned seats before any other activity, it shows the student that the teacher is organized and ready to begin this year right from day one. For many teachers, this also eliminates the social seating arrangement many students try to enforce.