The First Page in an Album: Part Two

The first page of a scrapbook album is often the most challenging. You want it to show your personality or perhaps just tell about your family or goals in the scrapbook. Letting the reader know what they are about to see, can often pique their interest. Your goal is to capture the mood of the album on that first page.

Earlier I talked about different ideas for the first page in a scrapbook album. There are so many different ways you can make your album special by trying them. However, now I’m going to provide you with some general scrapbook and memory oriented quotes and poems to include on your first page. Keep in mind, that if you are creating a themed album, you might want to find a more appropriate poem that fits that theme (i.e. Babies, School, Vacation).

This Book
Author: Narda Poe

This book is like a comforter,
A quilt with many parts,
A keeper of our memories,
A place to warm our hearts.

The fabric is our life’s events,
Those things we want to keep,
Those programs, stubs and photographs,
Placed here – not in a heap!

The scraps all stitched together,
held fast with love and care,
Create a family legacy,
a gift for all to share.

All About Family
Author: Joan Walsh Anglund

Families may come from lands afar,
They each may follow a different start,
They each have different hope and rules
Different dreams and different tools.

Formed of love…molded by life,
They are “Together” through joy and strife.
“Together” they meet all their days
And shape their lives in different ways.

A family is the place we start
It is our Strength…
Our Home, our Heart.
So to my family I give praise
And keep this record of all our days.

To the Past, Present & the Future, I Dedicate This Book
Author: Ruth Mae Fox

To the past, because I came out of it.
To the Present, because I live in it.
To the Future, because my children shall inherit it.

Author: Unknown

Memories fill this book…
of places we have known,
moments we have cherished,
People we have loved
These are personal riches,
Treasures from our hearts.

My Child
Author: Kim Beckstead

My child, your memory treasures,
Captured in this book to see,
Creating it has been my pleasure,
This priceless gift to you
from me.

“…a life recorded is twice precious – first the experience itself, and then the memory of it full and sweet when we read about it later.” – Elaine Cannon