The Five Paragraph Essay

The basic of all writing for high school and college students is the five paragraph essay. Some elementary schools have even begun teaching this method since the state wide exams require writing on their test. Below will be the basic structure of a five paragraph essay.

1) Introduction – Paragraph 1: The first paragraph should contain an introduction sentence which includes the main topic of the essay. For example, the topic is about my dog named Rover.
The first sentence may read, “One birthday I awoke in my bed to little nips at my toes and when I finally could see clear, my parents bought me a new puppy named Rover.”

Then three more sentences could be added to give a little more details about the morning birthday surprise.

2) Three main paragraphs: The three main paragraphs should contain more details. Each paragraph needs to be one complete thought; not 3 thoughts jumbled into one.
For example: Paragraph 2: How did you come up with the name Rover
Paragraph 3: Description of Rover
Paragraph 4: Activities Rover and you do together

3) Conclusion: The last paragraph would act as a summary or a wrap up of the entire essay.

The five paragraph essay is a basic format to follow with beginner writers. Many high school and college students who do not have strong writing skills will begin with this essay structure. For students who feel writing is too difficult, sticking to this format will help satisfy a college entrance essay, an SAT writing sample, or answers to essay questions on any exam in any subject area.

Writing is a skill which needs to be taught since all subjects require essay or research papers to be written in college. The earlier the format is taught, the earlier it can be learned and perfected.