The Forgotten Hole Punch and Its Many Uses

scrapbooking punches circles  hole punchSeveral years ago, one of the most popular tools in scrapbooking were punches, and the favorites used to be all the different shapes.

But now, although not obsolete (I still use them), they are not as common to see in layouts. However, there are a few basic punches I think every scrapbooker should own.

One of these is the hole punch. I have five in different sizes and they are a wonderful addition to my tools.

There are numerous ways to use a hole punch in your scrapbooking, not only to help with scrapbooking but to use for decorations as well.

One of the most common uses for a hole punch on a recent scrapbooking poll, was to use them to punch holes for setting eyelets. That’s a great, low-cost scrapbooking tip because you then don’t need to purchase an eyelet setting kit.

But here are a few other ideas to use your hole punch for:

A hole punch can create buttons by either punching two small holes in the middle of a circle for the thread, or you can actually use a larger hole punch to create mini-buttons, using a much smaller hole punch for the holes in the buttons.

Use your hole punch to create dimension on flowers. Add the circles to become the center of the flower. Using different types of papers to punch through can add some interest to your design. For instance, try a suede paper to become the center of a flower.

A hole punch is the perfect size to become bullet points in your journaling. I do a lot of lists in my journaling and the bullet points help add interest and separate your thoughts.

Using your hole punch, punch holes evenly around the edge of paper. Use ribbon to weave through.

There are so many things a circle can become, and using your hole punch is a unique way to do this. Have fun and be creative!