The Fussy Baby (Part IV)

Colic occurs only to newborn babies, up to about four to five months of age. Look for patterns to your baby’s crying; these can provide clues as to which suggestions are most likely to help. Then experiment with some of the ideas in the following list and in the rest of this article:

If Breast Feeding:

  • Feed on demand – it can have a calming influence on the baby.
  • Avoid eating foods like caffeine, dairy products, broccoli and other vegetables that can cause gas

If Bottle Feeding:

  • Offer frequent, small meals
  • Switch formulas and ask pediatrician for suggestions on type
  • Try a different type of bottle or nipple – it can help prevent them from swallowing too much air

Other suggestions that can help with a colicky baby are:

  • Make feeding times a quiet time
  • Try a baby sling or carrier for when they are colicky
  • Use Mylicon Drops (check with your pediatrician)
  • Walk the baby in the stroller
  • Pacifiers are good if your baby likes them
  • A warm bath can help
  • Massage their tummy or roll them onto their tummy
  • Hold the baby upright during feeding times
  • Bicycle their legs gently to help relieve gas pressure
  • Rock the baby or use a swing
  • Swaddle them

These are only suggestions, you will have to learn what works with your baby and consultations with your healthcare professionals and other moms may provide you with other insights.

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