The Greatest Scrapbooking Challenges

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative hobby, which helps to create a lasting legacy for our future generations. For some it is nothing more than a creative outlet, but for many of us, it is truly a hobby in which we enjoy getting our photographs scrapped and into our albums and showing them off to our family and friends. Yet still, no matter how much we love our hobby, there are challenges that many of us face. Here are the three greatest scrapbooking challenges.


It has been said before, time management has become such a problem for many that they are nothing more than supply collectors. I’ve been guilty too. To find some great time management strategies, you might wish to check out the following articles with tips.

Make Time For What You Love

Scrapbook Faster, Prepare Page Kits


This is another huge issue for many scrapbookers. Even some of the most die hard scrapbookers might churn out a dozen pages or so in a sitting, but if they don’t have the space to spread out and work, this can be a true challenge. Here are two articles that could help you find the space you need, or at least work with the space you have.

Tips for Getting a Scrap Area You’ll Love

Five Great Organizational Tips for Your Scrapbooking Area


Most of us are on a budget these days, especially with the rising cost of living (gas, food, housing). It seems to never end, so how do you justify buying new scrapbooking supplies or even justify the basics? Check out a few of these articles to get some simple ideas and ways to obtain free or very inexpensive scrapbooking supplies.

Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies from the Bathroom

5 Tips to Save Money Scrapbooking

You can also check our our Budget Scrapbooking section for more great money saving ideas related to scrapbooking.

What do you do to combat the challenges we face as scrapbookers?

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