The Green Way to Get Rid of Spiders

(I hate spiders. I have respect for almost all other living things. I’ve been known to capture a ladybug in a cup, cover it with my hand, and then take the elevator down seven stories to set it free in the garden below my old office. But, I hate spiders.

So, needless to say, I was a bit freaked out when I saw what I considered to be a large brown spider on my front porch a few weeks ago. I panicked and went for the spider spray my husband keeps in the garage for just such occasions.

I hate using insect sprays because I just don’t like the toxins they contain. Last night, guess what I found on my porch? No doubt the brother of the spider I killed a few weeks ago, back to avenge his death. I went for the spider spray again.

Then, I realized the spiders and I might continue to do battle unless I find a natural solution to rid my porch of these creatures. Here are a few suggestions I found online:

Of course, the best and easiest suggestion was to get rid of cobwebs. While I am very good at this inside the house, I do have cobwebs on my porch, so I need to get rid of those.

I’ve read there are several natural deterrents for spiders such as chestnuts, eucalyptus leaves, horse apples, and baking soda. I am not 100% sure any of these will work (I’ve read conflicting reviews), but they are worth a try!

I’ve also read that spiders have taste buds in their feet and they really dislike the taste of lemon, so some people suggested spraying lemon juice or lemon oil on the windowsills and door frames. I even read that one woman puts a few drops of lemon oil in her mop water to deter the spiders. Even if it doesn’t work, it would smell nice (if you like lemons that is).

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