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While I will not be blogging in Education regularly, I will be filling in a little here and there. Since I also blog in Homeschooling, I felt the need to explain what on earth I could be doing in the Education section. After all, homeschooling and education (as in schools) are polar opposites right? Well, although I don’t feel that school is right for my children in our situation (see “Why I Homeschool: An Answer for Kaye!”), my background is in fact, in education. I thought perhaps some of you might be interested to know my background as a teacher, tutor, and afterschool program supervisor.

One Decade Ago

About 10 years ago my husband and I, fresh from college moved to the inner city. I had a teaching job at a private school in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. My husband was going to start working on his Master’s and so he took a telemarketing job just to help pay bills. That was, until the first day of school.

One serious problem that plagues the inner city is that good teachers don’t stay. Such was the case and the day before school was to start, the English teacher quit. Desparate for a teacher to fill the void left my a last minute decision, the school hired my husband. Luckily for them, he was good at his job!

About 5 Years Ago

Soon our family grew, and so I quit full time teaching and began to implement programs to address what I saw as serious needs at our school. The kids who were coming to us from other schools needed tutoring badly. The after school program needed revamping and so I took the challenge. For the next several years I was the director of the after school program, counseling parents, teaching kids, and setting up tutoring programs.


I now tutor kids in our neighborhood and volunteer occasionally at school as I am able and of course, write here. As I always do in my home schooling blogs, I welcome any questions that you have regarding education or my experiences in urban schools.

So there you have it! A little more about one of your bloggers here at!

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