The Household Notebook – Explained

Having a household notebook can be a blessing. It’s an easy way to keep everything in place and find what you need when you need it. It also saves time and money, and as we all know, saving time seriously does save money in the long run.

A household notebook is what you make it, however it’s an organizer for the entire family, sort of a command center for the entire family, if you will. I will explain how I put mine together and how it works for my family. You will need to customize your’s to fit yours and your families needs.

The process is very easy to get started. The very first thing you need to do is decide that types of categories you want in your notebook. You will need to evaluate what you are going to be storing in the notebook and what types of information you need or want available all the time.

My personal categories are as follows:


  • a monthly calendar for each month with everyones activities written


My Family section contains the following information:

  • a personal information page for each of my family members
  • a recent photo of each member of the household
  • a master list of birthdays, anniversaries, deaths and other occasions
  • a magazine subscription list with phone and account numbers and renewal information
  • a master list of our DVD’s and movies, as well as CD’s and software
  • our library card numbers and information for the library’s website
  • a master list of gifts that we have in our gift cupboard for last minute birthdays
  • a clothing size chart

Home Management

My Home Management section contains the following information:

  • a stain removal guide
  • the names and address’ of our utilities
  • recycling and clothing drop off locations
  • our household inventory
  • our household storage inventory
  • children’s chore chart


My Meals Section contains the following:

  • a favorites recipe sheet
  • a master grocery shopping list
  • a price book sheet for finding the best deals at which stores
  • a place to hold coupons
  • a menu planner
  • a freezer inventory
  • a well stocked pantry inventory list


My School section contains the following:

  • a school information page
  • a 2006-2007 (or current school year) calender
  • class rosters
  • classroom schedules
  • lunch menu and schedules
  • field trip notices
  • important dates
  • extra book report forms
  • reading lists
  • phone numbers and email address’ for teachers

Phone Numbers

My Phone Numbers section contains the following:

  • take-out/delivery phone numbers
  • emergency phone numbers
  • an address book with friends and family
  • a frequently called number list
  • the school buzz book
  • a babysitters needed numbers sheet


The Financial section contains the following:

  • my personal budget record
  • checking account statements
  • bills to pay
  • a list of our credit cards and how to contact them
  • insurance information
  • warranties
  • car records


My Legal section contains the following:

  • contracts
  • agreements
  • legal forms
  • legal papers
  • my lawyers information


My Health section contains the following:

  • medical information sheet for each family member
  • medical authorization forms for each family member
  • an up to date immunization sheet for each family member
  • first aid kit checklist
  • a how-to card for CPR
  • prescription drug record
  • insurance information
  • contact and eye glass prescriptions


My Holidays section contains the following:

  • a holiday planner
  • a countdown to Christmas planner that starts about six weeks prior
  • a master Christmas card list
  • a gift idea list
  • a catalog and website ordering tracker sheet
  • a holiday decoration inventory
  • an ornament inventory including where it was purchased and when
  • a holiday menu planner with recipes
  • a holiday shopping checklist


My Pet section contains the following:

  • pet information sheet
  • veterinarian records
  • shot records
  • a recent photograph of each pet


My Miscellaneous section contains the following:

  • yard sale checklist
  • wish lists for various things
  • things to pack for a camping trip, vacation, etc.
  • anything else I don’t have a section for


  • everything having to do with my home business
  • resume’s
  • a few current paycheck stubs
  • an employee handbook, etc.

Watch for the next article for a deeper explanation of these categories and what they contain.

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