The Husband as Head of Household

In many marriages, even in today’s society, the husband is the head of the household. He spends his days working to support his family. He manages the home’s finances, takes care of the necessary repairs and provides a supportive and authoritative figure for the family to look up to. While many families have gotten to the point of splitting all responsibility between the spouses, some families still hold this dear to their way of life. There are benefits to it and there are many things that can happen because of it too.

There are many things that are important to consider in this aspect of marriage though. First off, the woman should always feel as if her position, her input and her being is just as important to the family. The role of the woman is that of a nurturing and the one that will run the family so that it works well. Yet, it is still quite important to insure that she is able to voice her opinion and is not put down in the marriage as well. If this should happen, there are likely to be problems with the marriage as far as power struggles. Yet, many people find that it works quite well to do this.

On the other hand, the man’s role is just as challenging. Stress has been shown in studies to lessen the life expectancy of a person. This is one of the reasons that women tend to live longer then men. The daily stress of managing a career and the stress that many men put on themselves for having to support their family is enormous. It can cause many physical as well as emotional and mental problems throughout the person’s life. It is just as important for men to be able to voice their needs as far as this goes. It should be okay for them to realize that they need help or that they need a break from it all.

In any relationship it is essential that a man and a woman know where they stand as well as their responsibilities in that relationship. For many people the goal is just to insure that their needs and their feelings are met. For this to happen, men and women alike need to insure that they are willing to provide this information. And, they need to be in agreement as to how the family will be run. Should they decide to go with a marriage in which the man is the head of the household, they should both be okay with this and be able to stand behind it completely. For it to work right, it has to be defined by both individuals.

Today, there are fewer and fewer couples that are living in such a manner. What is for sure is that both individuals in the relationship should be equal parts to it and they should provide for a constant, careful respect for the other’s role in their marriage if it is to work.