The Hype!

You see the ads all over:
*Make $1000 your first week!
*Don’t miss out on vacations, cars and financial freedom.
*Never “work” again!
*Make tons of money, no selling!

You go to the website to find out more and all you find are words, pictures of people on vacation, in front of a dream home, on a beach, more words, a few quotes from those who made it rich in one week; all painting a picture of living the life of luxury without having to lift a finger! The only way to find out more is to fill out a form on the page. It looks so good, they have drawn you in, you are curious and must find out how to get rich doing nothing!


What is the product? Are they selling you money? A dream? They are obviously selling you something. How realistic is this?

We all know that you can’t get something for nothing. Finding your financial freedom takes work, hard work.

When looking for a business opportunity, always check out the product first. The product needs to be something concrete that you believe in with all your heart. There are “products” out there that are basically blue sky. You can’t touch them or even see them. You just pay lots of money to sell “blue sky” to someone else, but most of the people who get involved end up out money they usually really needed.

Not all of these “dream” sites are scams. However, never give any money until you know:

–What company you would be working for.
–What the product is.
–That the product is tangible.
–That you personally love and believe in the product.

If a business is legit, they will have no problem giving you all the information you need, for free.

Always use this as a rule of thumb to finding your dream job and working towards financial success: Follow your passion and let your heart guide you. If you are having fun, you are more likely to work hard. You can have the dream, but it won’t happen by filling out a form on a website. It takes hard work and dedication.

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