The Importance of a Rotation System for Food Storage

A rotation system is an important part of any food storage program. To set up a rotation system you figure out a way to make sure that you are using the oldest foods first and then replacing them as you use them. This way you will keep your food storage fresh and replenished. There are several ways that you can approach this.

The easiest way is to write the date that you bought the item on the top of the can or bag. If the item has an expiration date this will take care of the need to do that. You may still run into some difficulty when trying to make sure that you are using the oldest items first. An easy way to use this is to use a shelf system in which you feed the new cans in at the back and take the items out of the front. This works well if have a large pantry or basement area in which you store food.

I have seen shelving systems that will work well in small spaces as well. In these you simply put the can in the top and it rolls down to the bottom. It is like the other system, but you can move the cans through a bit easier. These are similar to the storage systems that many supermarkets are using in conjunction with their soup cans.

Rotating frozen foods can be just as important. When you put something into the freezer place it at the back of the shelf or at the bottom of your deep freezer. This will help you to automatically rotate through your food storage and help to prevent wasting the food.

As you set up a rotation system storing and using your food will become second nature to you. You can save money on the things that you purchase because you purchase them on sale. You will also have peace of mind because you will know that you have the supplies that your family needs.