The Importance of Saving

In my experience dealing with die hard scrappers, most have a habit of hoarding. Not in the call-TLC-so-they-can-get-free-help-from-a-pro-organizer type of hoarding; rather, most frugal scrappers struggle to toss leftover embellishments, photos and memorabilia simply because they feel as though they may be able to make use of them in the future.

That’s not the type of saving I am addressing in this post.

The type of “saving” I am referencing could mean the difference between a stunning digital layout and one that is destroyed beyond repair.

To prevent a catastrophic meltdown when digital scrapbooking, it’s critical that you save your work every 10 minutes or so. By getting into the habit of hitting the “SAVE” button you can avoid heartbreaking situations where all of your hard work is erased in an instant.
By saving regularly you also have the option of reverting back to the previous version of your layout. What’s more, you can further protect yourself by keeping copies of your photos and embellishments in a folder on your hard drive. By doing so, you will have an emergency back-up file in place in case you save over your original design.

It’s also a good idea to keep copies of your photos and kit elements in a separate folder on your hard drive. This will help you avoid accidentally saving over top of the original files.

Finally, as yet another layer of protection when digital scrapbooking, I would suggest keeping a small notebook by your computer. When you find a technique, element or effect you want to apply to your page design, simply jot it down on paper, so you can reference it when you need to. You might also consider making notes of commonly used digital scrapbooking terms, such as DPI (dots per inch), PPI (pixels per inch), and PSD (the file format for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements).

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