The Importance of Support During Weight Loss

Gaining weight is easy. It happens fast and with little or no effort at all. If only losing weight was just as easy. Losing weight can be difficult, slow and requires effort. The task is daunting with many giving up before they lose their first pound. No wants to feel deprived and no one has time to keep on a diet with everything else going on in their lives. People are also notoriously poor at holding themselves accountable to tasks they do not enjoy or have a hard time fitting into their lives. The solution is having someone else hold you accountable. You need a support system.

A support system is a person or group of people who are interested in seeing you reach your goal. A support system is like having your own band of cheerleaders. It is a soft place to land if you are having struggles and a place to share your victories and hear the applause of those who love you.

Why is a support system important?

Accountability: A support system will keep you accountable daily. Knowing you have to answer to someone will make sneaking that cupcake that much more difficult.

Support: There will be times you need someone to remind you why you did not get a second serving of cheesecake. You will need someone to talk you out of cravings or overeating.

Teamwork: If your support system is made up of others on the same journey than you have a team feel about your goals. Being a part of a team puts dieting on a whole new level. Instead of feeling alone and discouraged you are part of a team and energized to do your best. You know someone has your back and you have someone else’s back. Helping someone on your same journey will strengthen you and give you more resolve to reach your goals.

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