The Importance of Your Date Night

We spend a lot of time here – okay, I spend a lot of time here discussing different date night ideas, offering suggestions and even discussing films and television shows that might be selected for date night viewing. Why is date night so important to married couples?

Because many of us are often so busy that we forget that having fun with each other is as important as being able to discuss what is troubling us, paying our bills, getting the household chores done and more. In fact, without the ability to have fun together – our marriage and time together becomes synonymous with arduous labor.

Making the Time

Life is not a cake walk and rarely is it easy. We have work, commitments, children, obligations, and we even have personal interests that we may or may not share with our spouses. When you get up in the morning and your day is a series of completed tasks and attended events, by the time evening arrives – exhaustion coupled with the need for some alone time can actually hamper your ability to enjoy your spouse.

For many married couples, their first taste of this is after their first child is born. While the birth of a baby can bring a couple together and can provide them with another deep, intimate connection – it also comes at a cost of personal time and freedom with each other. Mothers who spend their day in constant loving labor to their infants, attached – touching and being touched – may resist being touched by others simply to reclaim some of their personal space.

It’s Not Rejection

Rejection is far too strong a word for what happens, but we all need our personal time. We need time to be us and we need time with our spouses. When your spouse calls you and you feel the immediate reluctance of: oh what now then you are more in need of a date night than you know. The date night is not about time to figure out how to divvy up household chores. Nor is it about discussing the latest antics of your child. It’s about you and your spouse.

It’s a time for the two of you to talk about dreams, to tell stories, to laugh and love and just be with each other. It is a time for you to do all of the things you remembered doing when you first became involved. It’s also a way to remember to appreciate the little gifts you bring to each other, to forget petty resentments and for a brief time – letting tomorrow take care of itself.

We’re going to talk more about date nights. We’re going to talk more about things we can do. We’re going to talk about keeping our marriage and relationships fit by tending to them – and what it means to tend to your marriage. When was the last time you and your spouse had a date night?

If it’s been longer than 3 weeks – then now is the time to make your plans – you both need that date night. How do you like to spend a date night together with your spouse?

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