The Scrapbook Journaling Process: Why It’s Important

Can you remember your child’s first word or perhaps the emotions surrounding the event? Or how about watching your child graduate? I’m sure you have pictures, but can you remember clearly the thoughts that were running through your head, or perhaps the way he felt about it? Do you remember how delicious that meal you had on your anniversary was? But do you really remember it? Can you remember exactly what you ate, what your partner ate and how you felt across the table from your significant other on that memorable night?

Scrapbooking is about more than just the photos. A photo is just a photo, a scrapbook page is just a scrapbook page, but add the two together with a journaling box and you have a beautiful memory to last forever. It’s about remembering the whole experience. But how can you do that?

By recording your memories through the written word – Journaling.

Journaling on a scrapbook layout helps the reader know what is going on in the pictures, when it took place and anything that might have happened. By writing down memories as they occur you keep them fresh in your mind.

So what is it I am writing about? That’s the tricky part really, because to me, it’s certainly a personal process. You have to decide for yourself what is important and what you think anyone else might want to know. As an example, I love to record cute comments and things that my children say. I always think I will remember them, but when it comes down to scrapbooking something, I forget. I always forget. But my family and friends love to read them. I get compliments on my albums mostly on the journaling. The stories tell so much more than the photos can.

To further help my journaling, I often will take photos of certain things I wish to remember. I have been known to photograph my meal at a restaurant; I always take a photo of birthday cakes; and have even gone as far as taking photographs of centerpieces, flower arrangements and yes, even art on the wall. I can use the photos to scrapbook with, or just as memory joggers.

Scrapbooking is truly about the memories. Preserving memories for future generations can be fun. Add a little journaling in and you’ve got the whole enchilada (especially if you photographed it!). Hopefully this article will help you begin that process. Stay tuned as I delve further into the topic of Journaling in Your Scrapbooks.