The Joy of Many Children

If you thought hosting your immediate family of 30 for Christmas dinner was challenging, consider what it would be like if you had to find a table to fit 100 grandkids.

One-hundred grandchildren; as in 100 children born from the 16 children you pushed out of your own loins.

It’s a situation Viktor and Aneta Urich know very well.

The Canadian couple is mom and dad to 16 biological children, who have gone on to marry and produce a grand total of 100 grandchildren for them to enjoy.

The 100th grandchild made his debut earlier this month.

The baby boy is the son of Heinrich Urich, who happens to be Viktor and Aneta’s oldest son and fifth of 16 children.

Upon the birth of his 100th grandchild, Viktor told local news reports: “We were happy and we were waiting for it. We want to have a party in the church with all the family together.”

In fact, the family pulls off the logistical nightmare of gathering in the same place at the same time at least twice a year.

Kind of makes you feel guilty for not attempting to dine with your family of 10 once a year, right?

Surprisingly, the Urich family is not the only ones who know what it’s like to dine with 100 grandkids.

Helen Young from Manteca, California, is also blessed with triple digit offspring.

The 99-year-old is blessed with 24 grandchildren, 57 great-grandchildren, and 20 great-great-grandchildren.

Young says she is thrilled to have so many grandchildren and that it’s a special love a grandmother shares.

Still, she confesses that it is very hard to get all 101 of her grandchildren to gather in the same place at the same time. What’s more, finding a venue to accommodate the children, plus their spouses and other family members is almost impossible.

Food for thought as you prepare to ring in the New Year with your family of five.

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