The Let’s Talk Blog Top Ten – Reasons to Have Children Early in Life

If you are a young mother and are thinking of conceiving, you’ve probably heard opinions on both sides of the fence. It’s no secret that young women have an easier time conceiving, but should they? Studies are showing that people are finding other reasons to have children at a younger age. The trend is leaning toward younger mothers, coming full circle after the boom of women in the workplace. This may be due to the influence of the internet, and the fact that it is possible to work at home. I am a testament to women who can work from home without sacrificing the needs of my young family.

I asked a group of wise, hip mamas of all ages to share their reasons for when they chose to start their families. Here’s my not-so scientific observation of why to start a family young:

TEN: Keeping Up Who needs to train for a marathon? Put that fast metabolism and youthful body to the test by chasing some kids around for several hours a day.

NINE: Now or Never? What if you put off having a family only to later find that you missed your window of opportunity? Conceiving gets more and more difficult the older you get.

EIGHT: Health It’s easier on your body to carry a pregnancy to term and deliver successfully when you are of optimum childbearing age. Your unborn child also has a better chance of not developing a congenital or chromosomal condition.

SEVEN: Parent-Child Relations If it seems like it was just yesterday, that’s because it was. It’s easier to remember what it was like to be a kid when several decades aren’t clouding your memory. Relating to your kids doesn’t mean being their best friend, but it can mean the difference when embarrassing your kid with some really questionable music.

SIX: The Fountain of Youth “Kids keep you young”. If the saying is correct, you can potentially be in your twenties forever! But remember, change is good and kids will change you.

FIVE: Obey Your Clock If your internal clock is already pounding away at the seconds, then maybe it is your time. So what if you’re the only person from your group of friends that has a baby?

FOUR: Follow Your Heart It’s possible to raise a healthy, happy family on love and a little income. There are some lucky people out there who know that they have the real thing at a young age, and to that I say “Go for it”!

THREE: Get ‘er Done If you are a woman who knows that she wants a family and you have the resources to do so, why wait? Husband, check. Finances, check. Baby, check.

TWO: Family Ties You are probably still close to your family. This can be a great opportunity to include younger siblings and give them practice for when they have kids. Your parents may also be able to spend more time with your new family as life probably hasn’t drifted you apart yet.

And the NUMBER ONE reason to start a family young is:

The Future You’ll be able to enjoy an empty nest one day, while still looking like a spring chicken yourself. Imagine still looking young enough to get hit on at the supermarket, yet having the wisdom and self-assurance of a seasoned mother? What about having the freedom and finances to get up and leave at the drop of a hat? They don’t call them the Golden Years for nothing, but why wait until then? I hear travel and leisure is divine in your forties.

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