The Link Between School and Home

Any educator or school personal can tell you that the home life of a child definitely has an impact on his or her school life and academic performance. However, simply taking a teacher’s word for it is never enough. Therefore a study was conducted to prove exactly the point that any teacher could have stated for free.

Researchers in this project placed their emphasis on the lives of teenagers. It was shown that the stress from home in a teen’s life can affect the student’s academic performance for up to two days after the occurrence.
In return it was also found that stress from school, such as over grades, friends, teachers, can also affect a teen’s outlook at home.

To conduct the study, the researchers examined 589 students in the ninth grade from three schools in the Los Angeles area. The teens recorded their daily home life and school interaction over a two week period.

The diary in which the students used contained a checklist that helped the teens measure the conflicts between family members, demands placed on them from home, difficulty at school with learning, and other issues that may cause stress.

The pattern that was found in the dairies reflected that when the students had trouble at home they also had trouble at school with learning the following day. When students had conflicts at school, they also had conflicts at home.

In a later study 503 of the same ninth grade students were again examined in the twelfth grade. The two studies showed that the students with higher levels of family stress in ninth grade had poorer academic grades in the twelfth grade. The students in ninth grade that had poor academic grades had higher levels of family stress by the twelfth grade.

Therefore, the researchers concluded that stress in one area can affect a teen’s life in many ways.

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