The Lord’s Time

I am one of those people who plan out my life step by step. I want certain things to happen at certain times. I expect that if everything will just happen on my timeline then things will work out for the best. It has taken me many years to realize that sometimes my timeframe is not the Lord’s. I have also realized that when events do happen they are often far better than what I could have hoped for.

It is often a challenge to bring that fact to mind when you are in a situation where you are really struggling. It can seem like there is no end to the trial that you are currently facing. For me the unknown is a hard thing to face. I always want to know what is going to happen and when it is going to happen. Sometimes this distracts me from enjoying the journey that is taking me to the place that I want to go.

It can be difficult to be in a situation when you are waiting on the Lord’s time. Two such situations easily come to mind. One is when you are trying to conceive a baby. For some people this is a very quick process. For others it can take years. It can be agonizing as you wait month after month and wonder why it is so hard for you. Another situation is a job search. You can put out ten applications a day, but that doesn’t mean that you will get a call back right away.

As we struggle through our trials, it is easy to demand a change in the situation instead of asking for strength to be able to bear the trial you are facing. It is easy to focus on the “Why Me?” aspect of the trial. This is something that is a continual process for me. I have to remind myself to look for the positive and to ask for the strength to bear burdens that I am currently carrying.

When I went away to college I wanted to transfer down to a different branch of the bank that I was working at. I looked for two month before I went down and nothing opened up. I then looked for jobs and did a little temp work for a few months, but nothing permanent opened up. When it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to make it, a job opened up for me. Not just any job, but the perfect one. It was at the branch I had wanted to work at, with the exact hours that I wanted. I worked that job for three years. When I quit my position was not filled. The Lord answered my need on His time, not mine. My faith in the Lord grew, because He helped me through the in between times and gave me ideal working conditions.

I look back at this experience and I realize that the Lord will continue to do the same thing for my family and me. He will also do the same thing for each of you. Just remember to have faith and trust Him. He will take care of you.