The Magic School Bus: Attracted to Magnificent Magnets

Product: The Magic School Bus: Attracted to Magnificent Magnets

Made by: Scholastic/The Young Scientists Club

Format: Hands on all inclusive science unit study in a box.

Ages: For ages 5 and up

Use: Science

Homeschool Method: Fits any method or curriculum as a hands on supplement or enhancement.

The Magic School Bus is a cartoon about a class of students with a zany teacher who takes them on scientific unbelievable adventures. Ms. Frizzle is the zany teacher who is adored by her students for teaching them science in a hands on and easy to understand manner. She has a way of connecting the physical with the conceptual to make a child not only understand but see value in science. Now your child can have the same experience with the Magic School Bus science kits.

Attracted to Magnificent Magnets is a study with a magnetic personality. Okay, I know that was not very funny. However, it is a study that will keep your children’s interest. It is so much fun you may be tempted to spend the whole afternoon doing all the fun experiment!

Experiments include:

Go on a Magnetic Scavenger Hunt

Take Iron out of Cereal

Design Magnetic Faces

Build a Compass

Explore the North and South Poles of Magnets

Observe Magnetic Fields

Experience with Lodestone!

Make Magnetic Slime

Play Magnetic Games

Hold Magnetic Cars

Just in case the thought of those experiments is making you cringe, take a deep breath the kit comes with just about everything you need to complete all of them! All the magnets, lodestone, iron filings, and more come in the kit to make this a stress free study. I think I had just as much fun as the kids. The Magnetic Faces and Magnetic Fields were among our favorites. I never thought playing with iron filings could be so much fun.

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