The Marriage Blog Week in Review for February 25-March 2

It was another slow week here in the Marriage Blog. Not intentionally. Lyn was battling the flu unfortunately. She was busy trying to recover her strength.

I don’t have a good excuse for my lack of article submissions. Except it was the end of the month and I was scrambling to wrap up all sorts of loose ends.

But in case you missed any of the few articles we did post, here’s a handy Week in Review recap for your reading pleasure.

Tuesday, February 26

Can You Answer These 15 Questions About Your Significant Other?

A friend of mine who recently sent me one of those “Get to Know Your Friends” questionnaires got me to thinking about how well I know Wayne. So I came up with some questions and wondered how many you could answer.

Wednesday, February 27

Wedding Planning and Life Styles

An article Lyn recently read had her reconsidering June as prime wedding time for all couples. She explained how that’s the busiest work season for farming couples and families and another time of the year would be better for them when considering when they should plan their weddings.

Affairs and STDs

Wayne’s fascination with the TV show Cheaters got me to thinking how the psychological aspects of cheating are always talked about, but what about the physical side effects? Like how common is it for people to contract STDs? I went in search of some answers.

Thursday, February 28

What You Might Not Have Known About Affairs

In my quest to learn about cheating and STDs I learned some interesting facts about affairs.

Calling the Wrong Name

Lyn discusses something that can be a really tricky situation to talk yourself out of when you call your partner by someone else’s name.

Friday, February 29

The Gift of February 29

Every four years we’re given a very precious gift: Leap Day. That means we have one more day to tell our loved ones how much we care.

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