The Modest Nursing Mom

Nursing in public can be tricky. Everyone has their opinions and concerns about it. No matter the concern most will agree that modesty is key. A nursing mom does not want to make others feel uncomfortable nor is she interested in flashing every passerby in the mall. Many cover up behind blankets or wraps or retreat to bathrooms or a private area. Many malls now have family bathrooms with nursing stations. However, I never feed myself in a bathroom or my other children so why would I feed my infant in a bathroom? Even if a mom tries to wear two shirts she still risks exposing her stomach or back and that may make her uncomfortable. It is also a feat to maneuver layers of clothing for the purpose of nursing. I know there is the camp that says everyone needs to get over it and nurse proudly. I agree nursing moms should nurse proudly but personally I would have felt better if I could confidently remain covered in the process. For that reason I was excited to find a modest way to nurse in public so I had to share with you Undercover Mama.

Undercover Mama is a spectacular idea conceived by a fellow mom who struggled with nursing in public without exposing herself to all those in eyeshot. Undercover Mama turns any shirt you have into a nursing shirt. YES! Goodbye old and ugly nursing shirts with obvious slits on the front. The concept almost makes me wish I was still nursing. Undercover Mama is a tank style undershirt which hooks directly to your bra. You can use any type of nursing or non-nursing bra. When it is time to nurse your baby you simply unhook your shirt as you unhook your nursing bra without the worry or awkward feeling that you lifted your shirt up in public and exposed your stomach or back or anything else you do not want exposed. Since it is lightweight, comfortable and hooks directly to your bra for a seamless feel and fit you can wear it under any shirt with confidence you can nurse modestly. There are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from to suit your wardrobe.

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