The Most Amazing Timeline Book

I think timelines are important tools to teach history. That is the honest truth. However, I have never successfully completed or started a timeline project in my homeschool. You see timelines take a lot of space and that is something I do not have to spare. Timelines can also take up a lot of time and that is also something I do not have but alas I realize that is a poor excuse. In my house, timelines are a running joke since I suggest we do one every year but somehow the year passes without a timeline project. However the cycle will be broken this year! I have found a wonderful product by Westvon Publishing.

Many of you may be familiar with the quality work by Westvon Publishing on CurrClick or their own website called The Homeschool Shop. If you ever purchased from Westsvon Publishing or ever thought about it or never thought about this is the time to shop Westvon on CurrClick. They are having a huge sale where most of their items are 50% or more off!

One fine product is the Timeline Book which you can purchase from their website for $12.50. This book removes the need for space yet offers a complete and creative timeline in the size of a notebook. Your student will put together her own timeline as a project. Each page contains a timeline, with boxes above and below it for details. The student will fill in every aspect of the timeline from dates to facts to pictures. Your student can paste images or draw the images associated with the timeframe. Since the student controls the starting date of the timeline this book can have any starting point and be about any topic of history. This spiral bound book has a heavy paper cover perfect for student decorations. If you seek a timeline that fits into your budget, space and time, this fits the bill.

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