The Most Simple Scrapbook Series-Arranging Your Photos on a Page

There are so many ways to arrange the photos on the page. But, sometimes, this is part of what is the most intimidating to beginning scrappers.

First, you have to decide what look you are going for. How many pictures do YOU like on a page? After all, this album is for you. You may decide that some photos are too special to share with other photos on the same page, and there might be other photos that you don’t love as much and would like to just throw in there for memory’s sake.

When placing them on the page, it is always nice to matte every photo. It makes the photos pop more, and gives your scrapbook a more finished look. If you don’t matte them, then your album may end up just looking the same as if you put them in a normal photo album and it won’t feel like scrapbooking.

Some people like to place their photos at an angle, and some like a more symmetrical look. Whatever you choose is fine, but you might want to stick with the same pattern for that very first book. In other words, if you decide that you like the photos placed at an angle, then stick with that same look to give your album a more cohesive feel.

Here is an example of simple matting and placing photos on a page from one of my very first scrapbooks:

Here are some tips for fitting multiple photos on a page:

1. Don’t be afraid to cut your photos. That’s right! Cut them!! Many times I cut out the non-essential part of the photo so that there is more room on the page for other goodies and embellishments. Besides, you don’t really need to see that person in the background eating their lunch when what you really want to see is your nephew blowing out his birthday candles!

2. Don’t be afraid to overlap the photos. This is something I never did as a beginning scrapbooker. It never even crossed my mind as a possibility. But, now I love that look. Often, I will put 4 photos in the center of the page overlapping one another, and then embellish all around them. It is fine to go ahead and matte each photo and still overlap them. Just make sure you don’t cover up anything you want to see in the photos.

3. If you have photos that all look similar, but are slightly different, sometimes a fun way to arrange them are by cutting them all the exact size, and then putting them right next to each other. In this case, I would not matte them, but maybe matte the whole group together, or not at all!

Come back for my last post in this series, and I will help you finish up that very first album!

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