The Most Talked About Blogs in Education for 2006

We bloggers love when our readers leave comments. Whether you agree or disagree, this is a community that embraces discussions. I know that I always look for the blogs with lots of comments not only to read what the blogger has written, but to read what others think. With that said, here is a list of the most talked about blogs in education for 2006.

Hot Button Issues

Are Teachers Over Paid?

The Good, the Bad, and the Inappropriate: Banning Books from Your Child’s Library

Would Schools Be Safer with Stricter Gun Control Laws?

To Separate or Not to Separate: Twins in the Classroom

Student Dress Codes

Georgia High School Students to Study Bible as Elective

The Debate About Recess

Student Drug Testing in Middle School

Does More Money Mean a Better Education?

Wisconsin Legislator Calls for Teachers to Carry Guns in School

Parents Supporting Teachers

What Happened to the Good Old Days in School?

What Teachers Need Parents to do For School Success

School Curriculum

Why Schools are Teaching Social Skills

Small High Schools

Remedial Education

Education A to Z: E for Early Childhood Education

Oh Say Can You Sing

Blogger Commentary

Why I Choose Public School for My Children

Are English Language Only Laws Really Helpful?

My Inner City Story: Inner City Conditions

Are Our Schools in Crisis?

Of Interest to Teachers

Helping Lateral Entry Teachers Be Successful

What It Takes to be a Teacher

Are Teachers Underpaid

Teaching the Gay Student–Keeping an Open Mind

Teacher Preparation

Laptops for Education

Problems and Issues in Education

The NEA Addresses the School Drop Out Crisis

Amish School Shooting: Yet Another Wave of Violence in our Schools

Physical Bullying in Schools

Public Schools vs. Private Schools Courtesy of the Department of Education

Collaborative Teaching Through the World Wide Web

What is Plagiarism

Brokeback Media–Unwanted Press and Private Schools

No College Student Left Behind

Is your favorite blog from 2006 on this list? Which one was it?