The Most Talked About Homeschooling Blogs in 2007

This is my annual list of the most talked about blogs in 2007. We love comments, and the more the better! If you have been wanting to peruse the homeschooling blog but weren’t sure where to start. . .this is the place to be!

My Top 5 Math Curriculum Picks

In Defense of Teaching Creation

Too Much Information

Homeschooling or Housekeeping?

Why We Are Not Testing Our Gifted Son

Reason #2 Why Tax Credits Are Wrong for Homeschoolers

You Call That Homeschooling?

The National Lunch Association Takes Aim at Those Who Dare to Eat at Home

It Has Been a Great 7 Months

For the Love of Math

Dealing With Stereotypes About Homeschoolers

My Son’s Science Project Is Out of Control

I Just Threw Away $200

Do Homeschoolers Brainwash Their Kids

Help! I’m Too Scared to Homeschool!

Lessons from Unschooling Families: The Greens

Lessons from Unschooling Families: The Smiths

A Foreign Language Plan for Upper Elementary Students

Should Homeschoolers Compete Against Other Students

Do You Really Think You’re a Better Teacher?

Homeschooling the Creative Child: Do You Have One?

Meeting P.E. Requirements

Homeschoolers and Their Money Will Not Be Parted

Historical Fiction of the Ancient Time Period

Homeschooling with a Toddler

Homeschooling While Pregnant

Using Scouting to Fulfill Homeschooling Requirements

Are Homeschooled Children Over Sheltered?

Can You Homeschool Through College Too?

Top 5: Online Learning Games

Reason #1 Why Tax Credits Are Wrong for Homeschoolers

The Day After the Bad Day

Homeschooling Resource of the Day: 9/20/07

Teaching Socialization in a Structured Environment

The Cheapest Way I Know to Homeschool

False Supporters

Creeping Doubts: Missing Something?

Homeschool Support and Criticism

How To Use Saxon Math Without Going Nutty: Part 2

Reasons I’m Glad We Homeschool: A Child’s Most Basic Needs

Reasons I’m Glad We Homeschool: Change of Scenery

Homeschooling My Gifted Son When the Others Are Not

Homeschooling Professional Children

When the World Is Your Classroom, It Can Wear You Out

Homeschooling and Animal Planet

How Would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Feel About Homeschooling

Even Veterans Wonder, Can I Really Do This?

Gasp! My Older Children Help Their Little Siblings

How Do You Know You’re Not Messing Them Up?

Why Homeschool?: Public Schools Have No Obligation to Educate

Stop Overreacting to the NEA Resolution

14 Year Old Plotting Columbine-like Attack, Was Homeschooled

Keeping Track of Attendance: What Does and Doesn’t Count as School

Homeschooling Resource of the Day: 9/17/07

Discipline in the Homeschool Classroom

Creating Kids Who Want to Know

Setting Up a Space for Homeschooling

Does Unschooling Really Work?

Great Ways to Start Off the New Year

Homeschool Questions: Homeschool Failures

Teaching Your Homeschooler About Evolution

Why Do Homeschoolers Hate Public Schoolers?

Reasons I’m Glad I Homeschool: Bad Judgement

Dealing With the Board of Ed

All You Need to Teach Your Child About US Geography

Preparing for Standardized Tests

What Curriculum Do You Use?

The Responsibilities of Homeschoolers

Homeschooling My Gifted Son When the Others Are Not Part 2

Homeschooling From My Sick Bed

Vocabulary Word of the Day: Mastery

Is a GED Necessary?

A Little Bit of Charlotte Mason

Amtrak Schools On Trains Program Open to Homeschoolers

Sick Days. . .What Sick Days?

Teaching Various Ages: The Challenge

Learning With the Food Network

I Want to Homeschool Your Child

If You Really Want My Opinion, Perhaps You Should Not Homeschool

Trusting Your Instincts: Know When to Say No

What Do Children Need More: Structure or Freedom