The Names of God–An Introduction

Like most parents we took great care in naming our children. We picked names that were meaningful and had stories to tell. Elizabeth Helen, my oldest is named after my grandmother. Her name means “a light consecrated to God.” Interestingly, she has already declared her desire to be a missionary and is active in our evangelistic outreaches within our neighborhood. For each of my kids there is a story to their name; something that has meaning for my husband and I and that will have meaning for them when they’re old enough to understand it.

Likewise throughout the Bible names had significance–especially the names of God. When something significant happened in God’s story of His people, the people invoked the name of God, calling on one aspect of His particular character.

As you know, Melissa has left her post here at and we will miss her. In the interim, I have stepped in to fill the position. I thought it would be fitting to take this time to talk about the names of God. Studying the names of God provides insight and understanding to God’s character. The Christian faith is the only one in which followers are to have an intimate relationship with God. We are to know Him and He knows us. For a more intimate look at the names of God you can check out the book, Lord I Want to Know You by Kay Arthur. This study will be based on the book.

Psalm 20:7 says, “Some boast in chariots and some in horses but we will boast in the Name of the Lord.”

In Biblical times chariots and horses were a means of protection and defense. We don’t have chariots and horses obviously, but we do have various forms of protection and defense. For some it is gluttony, and for some it is people pleasing. Others hide behind a hedge of wealth and still others turn to addictive behaviors. What are your ‘chariots and horses’?

We know as Christians that we should turn to the Lord and yet we often don’t. I find myself relying on my own abilities far too often. Why is that? I think it’s because we don’t really know God. Our worldly thinking is often so skewed that it is hard to really concentrate on the true God in the midst of trouble. There’s a line to a song that we sing in church that says, “Trusting in You is so easy to do, when I see you as you really are.” When we see God as He really is–why wouldn’t we trust Him?

So who do you turn to in times of trouble? Do you call out to God by name? Take some time and write down a list of adjectives that you would use if someone asked you to describe God. Then go read Psalm 20. Look in the forums for follow up study questions.

* All Scripture is quoted from the NIV