The Nebelung Cat: Silvery Elegance

The Nebelung CatThe Nebelung, which means “creature of the mist” in German, is a long haired Russian Blue named for the luminous quality of its silver-tipped coat. The breed is not widely recognized and began in 1980 in the United States when a Russian Blue male was mated with a female that carried the long hair gene. The foundation stock was taken from two litters of that cross. Still rather uncommon, the breed is found mostly in America, although a small number of longhaired Russian Blues have been discovered in Russia. There are currently a number of Russian breeders interested in developing the breed in its homeland.

The Nebelung weighs between 6 and 8 pounds, and is a long, fine-boned and extremely graceful cat. Eyes are very round and green, and the ears are widely spaced on a triangular head. Its most distinctive feature is its lustrous, silvery coat. The fluffy tail sets it apart from its cousin, The Russian Blue. They are intelligent, love to drink water from faucets and are known to open doors and cupboards. Nebelungs love to play fetch, and are well mannered and fastidious with soft voices and a gentle temperament. Affectionate and loving lap cats, they may be shy with strangers and children.

A Nebelung kitten may take more time than expected to adjust to a new home. It needs to make its own advances as it adjusts to its new environment. These cats love to follow their owners about and sleep with them if permitted. Even with its very special coat, the fur does not mat and does not require the amount of grooming of other longhaired cats. They do require some “combing care” as they shed twice a year, in the autumn and in the spring.

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