The New Face of Savory Dog Contest

Savory Dog is looking for a new face! That face needs to be furry… this is your pup’s chance to appear on the Savory Dog Food Seasonings label for a year!

Entering is very easy. First, you have to be a Dogster member. Registering at Dogster is free and easy. Lally and Moose have Dogster pages, with biographies and pictures and Pup Pals and everything! If you already have a Dogster account, you’re more than halfway there.

Visit the official entry page and pick which of your pups you’d like to enter in the New Face of Savory Dog contest. Upload a picture of your happy pup, read the contest rules, and you’re all done! Unless… you have more than one dog. Then you get to do it all over again.

The contest is going on now and ends on July 23rd. Pet pictures may be submitted between now and July 9th. Voting starts on July 10th and runs through the 23rd. The New Face of Savory Dog contest is open to all residents of the United States age 13 and older. No purchase necessary… though after looking at the Savory Dog Food Seasonings, I may have to buy chicken flavor for my pups!

The folks at Savory Dog Food Seasonings will pick four finalists, and one of those lucky pups will end up being the new face of Savory Dog and will receive a year’s supply of Savory Dog Food Seasoning. Fifty other lucky pups will receive a bottle of the newest flavor of Savory Dog Food Seasoning.

If your dog is a picky eater, you may want to try Savory Dog Food Seasoning… the seasonings come in three flavors — Beef, Bacon, and Chicken — and are low in fat and calories. All you have to do is shake on the seasoning and mix it around a little.