The One That is Never Picked

Can you remember those days in the classroom or on the playground when the chore was to find a partner or to divide up into teams and you nervously wait to see if anyone would pick you? Children, especially older children, have much social pressure when it comes to friends.

Kids can be harsh and mean and plain out ugly when it comes to making fun of and hurting others. They can make school a miserable experience for the outcast that no one picks.

In addition to the desire to want to be popular there are several reasons why some children may dread those horrible moments when they are forced to be confronted by their peers. Some of those reasons are discussed below.

When a partner assignment is given by the teacher and the teacher does not assign partners, there are always students left out. The chore of choosing a partner can be agonizing for groups of three close friends.

Some students are simply just too shy to speak out or come into direct speaking contact with others. They may fear that the other students will notice lisps, accents, stutters, or speech troubles.

Some children in their adolescent years fear that others will notice the awkwardness that purity has put them in. For example at this age children deal with blooming breast, acne, voice changes, and body hair.

In some cases, the children are embarrassed about their circumstances that they cannot control. Some children dress and look differently due to poverty, religious beliefs, and strict parents.

Teachers can help ease some of the tension and anxiety among classmates by creating a positive and friendly classroom environment. Do not accept rude or embarrassing comments made from one student to another. Try to refrain from placing one student in the center of attention.

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