The Pacifier: Vin Deisel at His Worst

When you think on Vin Deisel chances are the first thing that comes to mind isn’t family fun. His rough exterior lends itself to war movies, army movies, action movies; not a children’s movie.

In the movie “The Pacifier” Vin Deisel takes on a new role, the role of a caregiver to three children whose father has recently been killed. Apparently the makers of the film knew that Vin Deisel as a caregiver doesn’t exactly work, so in the movie he plays a character that is taking care of the children in order to protect them from the people who killed their scientist father. The children’s mother is attempting tom finish where her husband left off. While mom is off saving the world someone has to protect the children and who better than Vin Deisel?


In the beginning of the film Vin doesn’t even take the time to learn the children’s names. In true movie form, by the end of the movie Vin has become attached to the children and has helped them make strides in getting part the death of their father and getting on with their lives in a positive way.


I was given this movie to watch by a friend of mine who is a huge Vin Deisel fan. She absolutely loves this movie, but to be honest I think she likes it truly for its aesthetic qualities rather than the quality of the plot or acting in the film. This movie is pretty bad.

Besides being an absolutely dreadful movie to watch this movie has several homophobic and sexual remarks. I would recommend not watching the film at all, but if you absolutely can’t stay away from Mr. Deisel and his dashing good looks I would recommend not watching it with children under 13 even though the film is rated PG.

The Pacifier runs an hour and 37 minutes and is available where DVDs are sold as well as online at

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