The Perfect Gift

Does the perfect gift actually exist? Honestly, there is no perfect gift for “the scrapbooker” because each scrapbooker is as unique as the different products available.

So what do you do if someone special in your life is a scrapbooker, and you know that you would like to purchase something for them relating to this hobby?

Well, you can go to scrapbook stores and browse aisles upon aisles, pick up some whatchamacalit doothingymabob that cuts, glues, stamps and frames the scrapbook page all at one time, though you aren’t really sure how.

Or you can take some advice from three scrapbookers on what their perfect gift would be. It’s interesting to see what each individual gal wants and how it relates to their personality.

Megan is 33 and has been scrapbooking for about five years. She is a stay at home mother of two young children and her husband works long and strange hours, that sometimes requires travel. Here is what her perfect gift would be:

“Oh, if I got to choose my own gift. I’d would love it so much if my husband would take me to our scrapbook store and let me pick out some papers and embellishments to complete some pages for the pictures that are just sitting on my scrap table. And if when we got the stuff, he would watch the kids for a couple of hours and allow me to scrapbook in peace, because I’ve almost forgotten what that is, I’d be eternally grateful. That would be the best Christmas gift ever!”

Crystal is a 21 year old college student who has only been scrapbooking since she met her boyfriend about two years ago. Scott, the boyfriend, apparently hit the jackpot as far as perfect gifts go, in previous years.

“Scott always gives the perfect gift for me. In the past he has bought me $50 gift cards to my favorite scrapbook store. And you know what’s really cool? When he knows that I want something, he’ll buy that too. For instance, my birthday was five months ago. I wanted the Becky Higgins Sketches 2 book and so he got that and slipped the gift card inside. I think that’s the most thoughtful gift. When your boyfriend takes the time to know you that well and get you what you want!”

Melodie is a 52 year old mother of five. All but one are grown and out of the house and she has so much to catch up on. She works full time, and her husband is in the military. They barely see each other, so when they do she’d rather be spending time with him, then scrapbooking. What would her perfect gift be?

“Is the gift of time an option? Probably not. Ok, so if I wanted John to get me the perfect gift I think it would have to be something he picked out himself. I don’t even care that much if it is scrapbook related. If he did decide to get some scrapbook stuff I would love it if he bought me what he’d like to see me use on his pages and the pages of our kids. I still think the gift of time would be a more perfect gift”.

So do I Melodie! So do I. Thanks ladies for sharing your perfect gift ideas with scrapbookers!

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