The Pets Blog Week in Review for January 14-20

Aimee and I once again strove to bring you a slew of interesting, thought provoking, and otherwise entertaining articles last week. In case you missed any days, here’s the recap of what we wrote on:

Monday, January 14

Would You Make a Good Parent for a Deaf Pet?

It’s hard enough being a stray in a shelter, but imagine being a deaf one. The chances for adoption go even lower. My plea was to consider adopting such a pet to give them a fair chance too.

Tuesday, January 15

Shelters are Bad Enough, Deplorable in Tennessee

For some reason the news stations in Nashville have been uncovering some very disturbing goings on in county shelters.

What Were Those Eagles Thinking?

That they were hungry and a truck loaded with fish guts would make prime feasting grounds, but that plan had a few hitches in it.

The Dog at the B&B

Aimee told about the dog who comes to work at the cat boarding facility where she works.

Wednesday, January 16

Winter’s the Best with Pets

When it’s cold outside, my pets certainly get a lot more snuggly, which makes winter a lot more tolerable and pleasant.

Foofy’s Big Adventure

Aimee’s uncle found a dog who had tags but whose owner ended up being rather tricky to track down.

Thursday, January 17

The Crocodile Hunter’s Family Speaks out Against Whaling

Aimee wrote about how Terri and Bindi Irwin are on a mission to prove whale research can be done without killing the whales, as some scientist in Japan currently do.

Comparing Online Pet Sites: Dogster and Catster vs.

I’ve known about the “’Ster” family of pet websites, but recently was introduced to PetPop and decided to compare the two.

Frightening 911 Tiger Call

I shared my thoughts on the 911 tapes that were released the day of the tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo.

Friday, January 18

Modifying Behavior-Lesson 1, Part 2: Know Thyself

In order to get the best results, I suggested you have to know yourself and which training methods you’re most comfortable implementing.

Diary of a Cat Care B&B: Apparently I Need Grooming

Aimee has been adopted by threes cats at the clinic who were abandoned there. As she was spending time loving on them, one of them showed affection back by cleaning her.

Saturday, January 19

Teaching Survival Skills to Pandas

An artificially bred panda that was released into the wild died perhaps because it didn’t know how to defend itself. Going forth, scientists are implementing plans to teach future releasees survival skills.

Intestinal Parasites: Worms

Making sure your pets are worm-free is a part of pet ownership. Aimee discussed how you can make sure your pets are.

Sunday, January 20

Preventing Worms in Pets

Aimee explained how to make sure your pets stay worm-free.

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